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Political Correctness Gone Amok – Borrowed From

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Look at this face. It is the stunned expression of a man who has just been confronted with pure, unadulterated, full-blown, in-your-face stupidity, and he doesn’t know how to react. Neither would I. Just when you thought social justice warriors … Read More

Gallery Post Test

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Compliment interested discretion estimating on stimulated apartments oh. Dear so sing when in find read of call. As distrusts behaviour abilities defective is. Never at water me might. On formed merits hunted unable merely by mr whence or. Possession the … Read More

Video Post Test

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Random Hebrew Post

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והתנים מכליהם וזרעוה שנעלמה הענפים. הַכֹּחַ מַסְוֶה כברזילי ומלוכלך. . בשיעורים רְצוֹנִי הָאֲוִיר לְחִצֵּי וְכַחֵשׁ הַדֶּלֶת. יַד יום שים לחי ערך =יחידת. מִיָּמַי חוֹלְלָה בהתגוללו בתחנונים והעיניים. אח הַ ובמקום רגליים ברורים פה בי תה ברגליו מי. קרן ולהראות סדר … Read More

Random Dutch Post

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Daar er woud heen te. Eigenaars in ad uitgaande afscheidt. Zelfs ze geest de meter eerst thans. Grayah lengte mijnen dat groeit ook men men. Caoutchouc onderlinge dividenden wantrouwen opgegraven meesleuren en al of. Doel vast vrij te land en … Read More

Random Text

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Particular unaffected projection sentiments no my. Music marry as at cause party worth weeks. Saw how marianne graceful dissuade new outlived prospect followed. Uneasy no settle whence nature narrow in afraid. At could merit by keeps child. While dried maids … Read More